What is the Ocean County Business Hub?

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we started the Hub last year to spotlight local businesses in Ocean County and educate them about social media. Many small businesses have begun to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but are doing so without a strategy. They post things that may or may not benefit their business, which really, if your post doesn’t have a specific goal, why post it?

As the Hub evolved, we realized that some small businesses knew social media could benefit them, but weren’t sure how. That’s when we developed Hub Social Plans. These low cost plans are a way for us to create great content for a small biz, and then market that content effectively with a combination of paid & free posts. Unfortunately, social media is not a free advertising tool any longer. It’s become “pay to play,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We encourage every business owner we work with to begin budgeting for social media ads, even if that means *gasp* subtracting from their traditional marketing budget.

Even with a budget though, again, your business needs a strategy. Do you want customers walking in the door? Traffic to your website? More phone calls? Everything you post on social media should work in conjunction with your overall marketing plan. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t always have to be about leads or profits. You can show you customers that you have an amazing staff. Show them you create a fun atmosphere. Take a short video of a company event. Social media, at its core, is about storytelling. As a business owner, you decide what that story is.

(Here’s a quick video from The Body Wrap Shoppe with a short, focused story.)


Back to the Hub’s story, after existing in the social media sphere, we recently launched this full website for the Hub. Not only will this be a destination for spotlighting small businesses in Ocean County, but we’re hoping it will continue to evolve into a hub for life in Ocean County. We’re currently looking for bloggers who want to contribute to the growth of the Hub. If you’re interested, email blogginforthehub@gmail.com.

So that’s the Hub! Take a look around (http://ocbhub.elevenninestudios.com/), watch videos from a few of the businesses we work with, and let us know what you think. We love feedback. We also love dogs, summer BBQs, cold beer… wait the Hub isn’t a dating site is it?

…nope, I checked. Not a dating site. Thanks for reading!

– Chris
Email: ocbhub@gmail.com

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