The Online Video Landscape: Is Facebook taking over?

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YouTube has dominated the world of web video for over a decade. With everything from crazy cats to laughing babies, you can find almost anything on the Google owned video hub. For small businesses though, having your video on YouTube can be a double edged sword. Sure, it’s listed on the largest video search engine around, but is it highly visible in a search? Sure, you can embed the video anywhere you’d like, but is that a targeted marketing tool?

Enter Facebook. The social network king pushed their video efforts through the roof in 2014, and are continuing that trend in 2015. Revamped video pages for brands including playlists, custom thumbnails, and featured videos. Sound familiar? Yes, they’re playing copycat with some of YouTube’s classic features, but familiarity never killed a cat.

The big advantage Facebook has over YouTube when it comes to small business marketing is their ad system. Boosted Posts and Promote a Page have now been joined in the dugout by Video Ads and Promote Local Business. All four of these options can hit a home run for your business with precisely targeted demographics, location tools, and a detailed list of targeted keywords. OK, enough with the baseball metaphors.

Bottom line, if your small business is producing videos on a regular basis (and it should be), you need to upload DIRECTLY to Facebook. Don’t just post YouTube links. Facebook sends out directly uploaded videos to more of your audience organically, which is the first upside. The second is the automatic play feature that could very easily capture a new customer, or an existing one, by flashing the first 3-5 seconds of a video before their eyes as they’re scrolling. That’s huge.

Be sure to upload your company’s video content to Facebook and create a budget to market them there as well. I know what you’re thinking: More money into my marketing? Honestly, Facebook should warrant more of your marketing dollars than traditional advertising. I’ll talk more about that in a future blog. Thanks for reading!

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