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What is a Hub Social Plan?

After working with different businesses over the last few years, there are still so many that don’t see the purpose of marketing with social media. We get it. The old guard of print, radio, and TV advertising are still seen as reliable because of their longevity. Social media is the new kid on the block, but this kid is extremely powerful.

So instead of selling you on the idea on a hefty monthly marketing budget, we’ve simplified things. Here’s how the pricing breaks down for each plan, and just in case you’re looking for more, we have custom plans available as well.

HUB PLAN A: This is our basic plan to let you dip your toes in the waters of social media. We promote your business with a Facebook Boosted Post for $10, and postings on Twitter & Instagram. Plus, you appear in our monthly e-newsletter. What’s a Boost Post? If you’re new to Facebook marketing, a Boosted Post allows a business to amplify the reach of their post across Facebook with targeted demographics. Facebook has become “pay to play,” but what you’re paying for is a powerful marketing tool that will allow thousands of local residents to see your post.

HUB PLAN B: So you want a little more bang for your buck? That’s where Hub Plan B comes in. Along with the postings on Twitter, Instagram, and in our e-newsletter, you get a $25 Boosted Post. Plus, you’ll appear in our OCBizHub video series on YouTube. Need more bang? You’ll also have a custom profile page here on our website with links to all your social media, website, and a description of your business.

HUB PLAN C: This is the big guy. You’ll get all the social posts, a $50 Boost Post, appear in our video series, and get the custom profile page. Plus, we’ll produce one custom, 30 second spotlight video about your business (with a 6 month sign-up). The video includes a 1 hour shoot, editing, music, and graphics. It will be uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, plus you can embed it on your company’s website.

The best part about all of the Hub Plans is they come with free photography. If you sign up for 6 months, that entitles you to 2 free photo shoots so we have plenty of content for your posts. If you’d like to provide us with the content yourself, that works too. We’re here to work with you and create beautiful, informative social media posts that attract new customers and remind old ones how awesome you are.

CUSTOM SOCIAL PLAN: Tried the Hub Plans and decided you want to take things to the next level? We also specialize in custom social media management and strategy. We can create a social media marketing strategy that’s specific to your business and covers any & all social media websites. We can include photography, monthly video production, and even website design. Basically, we can do it all. If you’re interested in a custom social plan, click here or email us at to set up a FREE consultation.


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