live tweeting

How to LIVE Tweet for your next event

A typical social post is a video, link to an article, or photograph that can be viewed throughout the day. There’s not an urgency behind it for a person to see it immediately. To create urgency, or better yet excitement around social posts, you can try what’s commonly referred to as “live tweeting.” People and businesses have used live tweeting to document in real time what’s going on during an event. The concept of live tweeting has evolved dramatically over ...

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Twitter in 2015

Top brands utilize Twitter every day to engage their audience. Is your small business using Twitter? Something as simple as tweeting a 6 second Vine of your latest dish, or a few photos from your recent event, shows potential customers what your company is all about. Keeping people informed, starting a conversation, and sharing great content, all help your small biz grow!

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The Online Video Landscape: Is Facebook taking over?

YouTube has dominated the world of web video for over a decade. With everything from crazy cats to laughing babies, you can find almost anything on the Google owned video hub. For small businesses though, having your video on YouTube can be a double edged sword. Sure, it’s listed on the largest video search engine around, but is it highly visible in a search? Sure, you can embed the video anywhere you’d like, but is that a targeted marketing ...

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Ocean County Business Hub

What is the Ocean County Business Hub?

we started the Hub last year to spotlight local businesses in Ocean County and educate them about social media. Many small businesses have begun to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but are doing so without a strategy. They post things that may or may not benefit their business, which really, if your post doesn’t have a specific goal, why post it?

As the Hub evolved, we realized that some small businesses knew social media could benefit them, but weren’t ...

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Whenever we talk to a business owner about content and social media strategy, they ask if they should start a blog. It’s easy, right? Just write up a quick blurb about our biz and be done with it? Well, it’s not that simple, but yes, your business should have a blog. Why? Blogging is another piece in the content puzzle that gives people a chance to look inside your business on a regular basis. How detailed should your blogs be? ...
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Social Media Tip: Video

It’s our first ‪#‎OCBizHub‬ Social Tip video. What’s it about? VIDEO! Your small business should be using video to showcase new products, promote events, and more. Watch this short video and let us know what you think!nnProduced by our friends Eleven Nine Studios (
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