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Whenever we talk to a business owner about content and social media strategy, they ask if they should start a blog. It’s easy, right? Just write up a quick blurb about our biz and be done with it? Well, it’s not that simple, but yes, your business should have a blog. Why? Blogging is another piece in the content puzzle that gives people a chance to look inside your business on a regular basis. How detailed should your blogs be? Should they be littered with pics or videos?
Let’s talk about it.
The key to a blog for a small business is telling the right story. People don’t want to see a blog that’s just your latest menu item, or an upcoming sale, or a “we’re open late!” post. They want engaging content that motivates them to return to your blog on a regular basis, even if they miss a social media post that it’s been updated. Let’s say you hire a new employee. Introduce that employee to your audience with a blog post and a picture. Tell them an interesting story about what this person is bringing to your business.
Maybe there’s a new a product in the store. Take the time to write 2 or 3 paragraphs about how this product could benefit someone and why your audience should come into the store to see it or try it out. Think of blogging as the longer form content your business can utilize to entice a potential customer. Social posts are short. Videos can be expensive to produce. A picture might not be worth that 1,000 words. When someone sits down to read a blog post, they realize it’ll take a minute or two. They’re investing time in that content from you, so make it worth their while.
So today’s social tip is: BLOG. Make sure your blogs are focused, easy to find on your website, updated regularly, and properly posted to social media. It’s easy! Well, it should be easy… and fun.
Til next time, keep your business social.
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