How to LIVE Tweet for your next event

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A typical social post is a video, link to an article, or photograph that can be viewed throughout the day. There’s not an urgency behind it for a person to see it immediately. To create urgency, or better yet excitement around social posts, you can try what’s commonly referred to as “live tweeting.” People and businesses have used live tweeting to document in real time what’s going on during an event. The concept of live tweeting has evolved dramatically over the last year, and could really breathe new life into the social media experience your small business provides.

Here are 3 ways to take live tweeting to that next level:


HOW TO LIVE TWEET – chirping throughout an event

To start, if your small biz is holding an event, or attending one, you should be tweeting your experience. Announce to your followers a few days before that you’ll be doing this, so they’re not wondering why your number of daily tweets just picked up. Make these tweets interesting. Remember, your followers aren’t there, so you want them to feel like they are. Take detailed photos, short videos, and write catchy text. After they’re done reading your live tweets, you want them to regret not being there, and looking forward to buying tickets to the next event.

Along with Twitter, post some of your best pics & videos to Instagram. Make your posts to Instagram a bit less frequent, and remind your followers there that they should be following you on Twitter. This is a great way to cross promote yourself and maybe get a few new follows on each account.

PERISCOPE – Not just for submarines anymore

If you haven’t heard of Periscope by now, that rock you’re living under must be comfortable. Periscope is the new video streaming service from Twitter that lets you stream live video right from your smart phone. Don’t use Periscope to show people walking by your booth, or staring at your swag on a table. Periscope should be used to capture on the fly interviews with friends & colleagues, a product demonstration, or even a musical performance. It all depends on what is happening at your event, but don’t use Periscope for anything mundane. Again, the goal is excite your viewers about the event, your company, and showcase your brand’s unique voice. The possibilities with Periscope are endless, and there are best practices to consider. I’m a proponent of learning by watching, so find some folks using Periscope to its full potential, and take notes!



SNAPCHAT – Storytelling at its finest

Snapchat has grown in popularity rapidly, and was almost purchased by Facebook at one point. The folks at Snapchat decided to go it on their own, and I can’t say I blame them. They’ve got a fantastic app for telling a story through pictures, video, drawing, text, emojis, and more. This app packs a punch! If you enjoy using the app already, I’d say direct your Twitter and Instagram followers to follow along during the event exclusively on Snapchat. Snapchat puts all your content back to back in “My Story,” so folks can check in through the day to see what you’re up to. Each video clip is 10 seconds long (longer than a Vine, shorter than an Instagram video). You can capture a lot in those 10 seconds, and stack video after video to create a truly rich story.

When all is said and done, collect the best photos and create a Facebook album to showcase your event there. Make your Facebook followers regret not following you on these other platforms. If you have time and/or a video editor, create a montage of the event’s best video moments, and upload that directly to Facebook. This way all your followers on all the social platforms get to experience the event in one way or another.

Have questions about live tweeting an event? Find The Hub on Twitter here, or send me an email anytime: Thanks for reading!

– Chris

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